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Feeding people, not landfill


At Douglas, our mission is to improve lives. Giving back to the community, working towards our sustainability vision, and developing our leaders are all really important to us.

The Douglas Charitable Trust is a proud supporter of Fair Food with their donation last year helping to provide 17.5 tonnes of food to families having a hard time. In line with our mission of improving lives, our teams have been jumping at the opportunity to volunteer and give back to our local community.

Auckland’s original food rescue charity, Fair Food have partnered with grocery stores, farmers, and manufacturers since 2011. Each day, they collect the surplus fresh foods like meat, eggs, dairy, fruit, and vegetables. Volunteers hand sort everything at the Hub in Avondale, then the next morning, it’s distributed to a network of around 40 charities who pass it on to people in need, while providing space to listen and guidance on further support available.

So far, our People & Culture and Regulatory Affairs teams have both risen to the Fair Food Challenge, spending an afternoon sorting food that would otherwise go to landfill. Together, both teams have rescued 2941kgs of fresh food – enough to provide an incredible 8400 meals – and saved an impressive 7.7 tonnes of CO2.

As part of our ongoing focus on leadership development, we also recently partnered with Three Hands and Fair Food to deliver an immersive 10-week leadership programme for five of our leaders to help them develop collaboration, communication, and curiosity, while making a positive difference. This was a great success with our leaders supporting Fair Food to broaden their reach and impact, specifically in West Auckland.

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