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Interns & Graduates

Explore the possibilities to maximise your potential and grow with us through our internship programmes.

Summer Internships

Imagine being surrounded by a team of curious, driven and passionate problem solvers all working towards the same goal – improving lives by providing access to innovative and affordable healthcare solutions for people across the globe.

We believe that you can realise your potential when you’re empowered to solve problems and gain hands-on experience, when you’re coached by experts and when you’re surrounded by supportive team mates.

Our Summer Internships run over the summer, full time, for 10 weeks, not including a three week shutdown for Christmas and New Year.

Applications open on 28 July 2021.

Our Internships

You could be a part of the pharmaceutical development process from new product development to product testing and release. Gaining experience in formulation, analytical development, microbiology, HPLC or wet chemistry. This will suit science graduates, specifically chemistry, medicinal chemistry and other science or laboratory based degrees.

You could be working in our Technical Services team assisting the team with Validation of processes, equipment and cleaning, Process Improvement, Occupational Health & Safety, projects around new builds and New Product Risk Reviews. This would be great for engineering graduates or science graduates to get a great overview on technical services

You could analyse data to understand our customer needs better and allow us to make strong data driven decisions. Working in our Commercial team supporting with product selection, customer service, data analysis and insights. If you are studying business, commerce, marketing or any analytical based degree – this could be a great opportunity.

You could assist our supply chain team who are working through some of our transport, supply and sustainability challenges, learning how a top notch supply function works. You would work with data and reporting and gain experience in how a busy warehouse operates. Completing a degree in Supply Chain would be a perfect fit for working in this team.

About you


  • A PROBLEM SOLVER – you will be empowered to solve problems and gain hands-on experience to see how some industry experts solve problems.
  • CURIOUS TO LEARN – you will be open to being coached from some of the best minds in the business and supported by some awesome team mates. You will always be listening to what’s going on around you and you will be curious to learn all the things.
  • A COLLABORATOR – you will collaborate and communicate like a champ, working across our business, building relationships and generally making a difference all over the place.

Hear from our Interns

What have been your highlights since joining as an intern?

  • “The people. Everyone is super nice and helpful. It’s also really fun learning new techniques, particularly on the practical side. University focuses on theory rather than lab techniques, so it’s been fun developing my skills and feeling like a proper scientist.”

  • “Getting to work on products that are in the development stage is pretty exciting and provides variety to the work we do.”

  • “Getting selected into the internship and then getting offered a permanent position in Quality Control after my internship ended.”

  • “Getting the opportunity to be part of different development forums. It’s nice to know that hard work is recognised by being recommended for different roles – and that motivates me to want to work harder.”

  • “Working as a team with experienced scientists, learning from them and getting properly trained with technical skills.”

  • “Being part of such a great team and having a really nice work environment.”

How has your experience opened your eyes to career opportunities and pathways?

  • “It’s shown me that career development is a definite possibility here at Douglas and is encouraged – there are many people I know personally who have moved around to different teams or parts of the company.”

  • “Douglas has helped to show the many different roles that are available in a pharmaceutical company. It’s helped me decide about what type of role I want in the future.”

  • “Interning at Douglas has given me the opportunity to experience work life and realise the next step after undergrad is not always postgrad. I’ve realised how important experience is, it’s shown me jobs that I didn’t even know existed and really opened my eyes to potential opportunities in the future.”

  • “There are pretty exciting opportunities for career growth for me going forward – many of which wouldn’t require returning to uni which is what I had previously thought was the best option for me.”

What has surprised you since joining as an intern?

  • “The work in general surprised me, just because going in I really had no idea what working in a commercial laboratory would be like. I definitely thought it would be more scary so it was a pleasant surprise not to just be thrown in the deep end soon as I started.”

  • “I was surprised about how many Standard Operating Procedures we had to be read at before we could actually start shadowing people in the lab.”

  • “I didn’t expect the relative freedom that I would be given once I completed training and moved into an analyst role. I sort of expected that my working day and tasks would be more regimented, but I think it’s really cool that it’s up to me to plan my work.”

  • “How welcoming and kind my colleagues were. Everyone has been encouraging and willing to teach me and look after me.”

Applications open 28 July 2021. Join us and make an impact.